Bottom Stock Performers Today

Every day, the stock market experiences a dynamic interplay of bullish and bearish forces, with certain stocks being noticeably affected due to their underwhelming performance. These stocks may plummet based on weak financials, disappointing news, or trends driven by retail and institutional investors alike. Our list showcases the bottom 10 performing stocks of the day, offering a snapshot of the market's most challenged players. Updated every 30 minutes, this compilation captures the pulse of the market, reflecting the stocks that have lost significant momentum today.


What stock is trending today down today?

Currently, Calidi Biotherapeutics has garnered significant attention and its price has taken a -65.48% hit in the last 24h.

How frequently is the list of bottom performing stocks updated?

Our list undergoes updates every 30 minutes to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date information about the stocks performing the worst right now.

What criteria are used to determine the bottom 10 performing stocks?

Our list is solely based on price performance. We showcase stocks that have witnessed the highest percentage loss in their price over the day.

Is there an opportunity to profit from these bottom performing stocks?

Yes, experienced investors sometimes use a strategy called 'short selling' to profit from stocks that are expected to decline in price. Short selling involves borrowing shares of a stock and selling them at the current market price with the intention of buying them back later at a lower price. However, short selling carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for everyone. It's important to understand the risks involved and possibly consult with a financial advisor before engaging in short selling.

Are these stocks guaranteed to continue their downward trajectory?

While these stocks have shown significant price losses recently, the stock market is unpredictable. We recommend always considering broader data and market context when making investment decisions.

Do you provide insights or reasons behind the price performance of these stocks?

Yes, for in-depth analysis or insights into specific stocks, sign up to get insights on both traditional and alternative data sources for a comprehensive view.

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