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Cutting-edge technology that delves deep into a realm of data, analyzing market trends, financial statements, to predict market trends and future stock prices.

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How We Try To Build The Best Stock Predictor

At AltIndex, we harness both fundamental and alternative data to develop our stock predictor, striving to create the most accurate stock predictor in the market. Recognizing that perfect accuracy is a work in progress, we combine thorough examination and rigorous back-testing of data to offer reliable stock forecasts.

Our advanced technology is tuned to dissect market trends, financial reports, and alternative indicators, continuously enhancing our models to aspire towards being the most accurate stock predictor available. Our commitment to precision is evident in our 77% win rate, reflecting the innovative analysis that defines our approach.

Discover the results of our refined stock predictor on our AI Stock Picks Page, which details our selections and their foundational data. For a transparent view of our performance, visit our Results Page, where we proudly display our predictions' success. Join us at AltIndex for insights developed at the forefront of stock prediction technology.

76.2% of our sell signals have a 20% drop (or more) in price 107 days after the signal was assigned.

Duolingo Stock Prediction
On Jan 17, Duolingo (DUOL) received a Buy signal due to several factors, including healthy financials, and monthly increases in social media followers, mobile app downloads, and employee satisfaction.

A New Age of Stock Predictions

At AltIndex, our dynamic stock predictor algorithm is the core of our operation, sifting through an ocean of data from thousands of stocks every day. It aims to sharpen the accuracy of future price and performance forecasts, offering longterm clarity amidst the stock market's volatility.

As the day breaks, our stock predictor initiates a deep dive into an array of signals, identifying standout stocks flagged with buy or sell signals based on our proprietary AI score. A high AI score signals a potential buy, and a low one suggests a sale, with continuous monitoring ensuring our recommendations stay current.

Our stock predictor's accuracy shone with precise calls on Duolingo and Bed Bath & Beyond. A buy signal for Duolingo in January 2023 and a sell signal for Bed Bath & Beyond in February were on point, driven by astute analysis of alternative data. These predictions not only weathered market turbulence but also yielded tangible gains, exemplifying our algorithm's effective stock-picking capabilities.

This vigilant, iterative approach is what makes our stock predictor a robust tool, providing data-driven insights to help modern investors make informed decisions.
Remember, our AI-driven insights are meant to empower, not advise, guiding your investment choices with sophisticated, data-backed precision.


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How are AltIndex's stock predictions generated?
Our predictions are borne from a meticulous analysis of fundamental and alternative data, powered by a dynamic algorithm that analyzes vast signals daily to forecast stock price movements.

What is the AI Score and how is it calculated?
The AI Score is a nuanced metric derived from a range of data points including social media following, employee ratings, and financial metrics, among others. It undergoes a series of transformations including normalization, weighted summation, and scaling to provide a quantifiable measure of a stock's potential performance.

How can I use the AI Score to my advantage?
The AI Score offers a comparative analysis across different assets or tracks a single asset over time, providing a nuanced understanding of an asset's performance dynamics.

How can I access AltIndex's stock picks and AI Scores?
Embark on an informed investment journey by signing up to get comprehensive access to our data and stock picks.

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AltIndex revolutionizes investing with advanced alternative data analytics, smart insights, and stock alerts, presented in an easy-to-use dashboard powered by comprehensive company data from across the internet.

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