3 High-Risk Stocks Poised for a Fall: Short Opportunities Based on Alternative Data

December 15, 8:01 am

In the dynamic world of stock investing, alternative data can shed light on underlying trends not immediately apparent through traditional financial analysis. Market participants looking for short opportunities may want to consider stocks showing red flags in esoteric data points, which might predict impending drops. Here's a closer look at three such stocks showing worrisome signs across various metrics.

Trivago NV (TRVG): A Troubled Trajectory

With its shares declining 3.6% to $2.53, Trivago appears to be navigating turbulent waters. Alternative insights signal a persistent slump, key among them being a long-term slide in Twitter followers, indicative of waning consumer interest. A substantive reduction in job postings may be a precursor to slowing growth or planned restructuring, both of which can be unsettling for investors. App downloads, a proxy for customer engagement, are on a downward trend, augmenting fears of reduced market share. Negative employee sentiment and falling web traffic coupled with revenue declines further paint a bleak picture. With a month-over-month drop in Facebook fans, Trivago's online presence and potential revenue generation capacity seem compromised, suggesting the potential for a further downward spiral in its stock price.

Catalent, Inc. (CTLT): Questionable Uptick?

Catalent is experiencing a recent surge, up 11.7%, trading at $37.18 per share. Yet, the jump may not be founded on solid ground. A chronic fall in job postings might signal operational challenges or a forthcoming downturn. Financial health concerns arise alongside a notable dip in web traffic, possibly reflecting reduced client engagement or competitive pressures. Conjoined with a year-over-year revenue downturn, the current stock rally may be short-lived as a cumulative assessment of alternative data indicates potential trouble ahead for Catalent.

Ideanomics, Inc. (IDEX): Diminishing Social Pulse

Ideanomics' stock is down by 5.8%, currently at $1.72. A critical assessment through non-traditional lenses reveals troubling signs. There's a marked decrease in Twitter and Instagram supporters, potentially foreshadowing reduced consumer interest and lower market penetration. Sentiment is souring on stock forums, possibly reflecting a growing distrust among the investment community. Together with diminishing goodwill amongst employees and declining social media traction, these indicators could be precursors to further stock depreciation, making Ideanomics a potent short target.

While the traditional fundamentals remain essential in stock evaluation, these alternative data indicators can offer early warnings about the health and direction of a company's stock. Trivago, Catalent, and Ideanomics exhibit multiple signs of potential decline, making them strong candidates for short positions in the current market. Investors seeking short opportunities may, with due diligence, find these insights pivotal in timing their trades.

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