3 Stocks Facing Headwinds Perfect for Shorting?

March 15, 8:00 am


The stock market is a dynamically changing environment where astute investors often look for opportunities to profit, not only from bullish trends but also from bearish downturns. Shorting stocks can be one such strategy when certain signals indicate a company's underlying value could diminish. Today, we're focusing on three companies that are flashing red due to worrisome alternative data insights and fundamental analysis.

1. Consol Energy (CEIX) - A Dimming Energy Prospect

First on our list is Consol Energy, an integrated energy company which has been witnessing a notable slump in its share price, plunging 9.6% to $92.07. A deep dive into the alternative data reveals an alarming trend: a steady decline in job postings suggesting a potential scaling back of operations or growth plans. Employees' business outlook mirrors this decline, and when coupled with insider sales and a diminishing social media presence, the picture looks grim for Consol's future prospects.

2. Kirkland's (KIRK) - A Home Decor Downturn

Operating in the home decor retail space, Kirkland's has seen its stock diminish by 3.4%, priced at a meager $2.68. The concerns mount with a persistent decrease in social media following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, which are often a gauge of brand popularity and customer engagement. A decline in web traffic and consecutive drops in revenue year over year escalate the worries. These alternative metrics suggest that Kirkland's might have a challenging path ahead, potentially making it a solid shorting candidate.

3. Tilly's (TLYS) - Losing Trendiness in Retail

Rounding off our list is Tilly's, a retail chain specializing in clothing, shoes, and accessories. The company is not immune to struggle, seeing a 7.1% fall in stock value, now at $7.32 per share. Tilly's is showing signs of decreasing brand engagement with drops in social media followers across multiple platforms. A sustained decrease in web traffic and a troubling drop in revenue year over year paints a concerning picture. With this, Tilly's could be walking into a perfect storm for investors looking to short.


Investing insights can often be gleaned from beyond the balance sheets and earnings reports. Alternative data such as social media trends, web traffic, and internal company sentiment can provide forward-looking indicators of a stock's trajectory. Consol Energy, Kirkland's, and Tilly's present cases where these indicators suggest that shorting their stocks may be a strategic move. As always, investors should perform diligent research and consider risk tolerance before jumping into short positions.

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