A Closer Look at AST SpaceMobile: To Buy or Not to Buy?

June 21, 9:00 am

Introducing AST SpaceMobile (ASTS)

AST SpaceMobile stands out as a pioneering force in the realm of space communications. This innovative company is dedicated to building the first space-based cellular broadband network designed to be accessible directly by standard mobile phones. AST SpaceMobile aims to connect people across the globe, even in the most remote areas—attempting to bridge the digital divide that traditional coverage has left unaddressed. Its ambitions are sky-high, but what does that mean for investors eyeing its stock, ticker ASTS?

AST SpaceMobile in the Stock Market

Investing in ASTS poses an intriguing opportunity for those drawn to the potential of this space-tech prospect. Yet it comes with the volatile nature typical of companies navigating the frontiers of innovation. Currently trading at $10.47 per share, ASTS has surged by a striking 152.9% in the past month. This leap forward occurs despite the company’s recent earnings report for Q1 2024, which showed a year-over-year revenue decline of 79.1%, totaling just $500K. Investors may find themselves at a crossroads, contemplating whether it's time to buy or sell ASTS.

Is AST SpaceMobile a Buy?

On June 20, we at AltIndex felt compelled to issue a buy signal for AST SpaceMobile, largely driven by our confidence in alternative data insights. AST SpaceMobile has captured an AI score of 67. This score, encompassing a range from 0 to 100, signifies a promising outlook for the company, predicated on several notable factors that we believe deserve investors' attention.

1. Social Media Momentum

We've observed a month-over-month spike in Twitter followers for AST SpaceMobile. Social media traction can sometimes be an early indicator of growing public interest and awareness of a company’s products or services, which could bode well for business growth and, consequently, stock performance.

2. Positive Sentiment Surge

Similarly, a noticeable increase in sentiment across popular stock forums points to a burgeoning enthusiasm among retail investors. Such sentiment surges often precede a climb in share prices as a collective optimistic outlook may lead to increased investing activities.

3. Facebook & YouTube Presence

The company also enjoys a month-over-month upturn in Facebook fans along with rising YouTube subscribers. These platforms serve as significant engagement and marketing tools that could translate into greater brand recognition and user interest in AST SpaceMobile's offerings.

Conclusion: Weighing the Opportunity

While AST SpaceMobile’s financial results might raise concerns, the underpinning belief is that alternative data insights, such as social media trends and investor sentiment, can be leading indicators of a company’s future performance. A high AI score, driven by non-traditional data points, suggests that ASTS is garnering the kind of grassroots interest that could precede commercial success and a consequent rise in its stock price.

Whether to buy or sell ASTS is ultimately a decision that requires weighing the potential against the incumbent risks. Yet for those inclined to bank on the vast potential of space-based connectivity and its reception among the public and investors alike, AST SpaceMobile may just be an opportunity worth considering.

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