AI Stock Analysis: Is CEIX a Smart Buy right now?

July 9, 7:15 am

Consol Energy Inc. is a publicly traded American energy company specializing in the production of coal and natural gas. Founded as Consolidation Coal Company in 1860, Consol Energy has a long history in the energy sector. The company operates primarily in the Appalachian Basin and has shown a strong commitment to safety and environmental stewardship over the years.

In recent times, Consol Energy has been dealing with the fluctuations in the energy market, which has affected its revenue streams and stock performance. Despite these challenges, the company has significant reserves of high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal, making it a key player in the energy industry.

Price & AI Score for CEIX.

Fundamental Analysis

Revenue: For the last quarter, Consol Energy reported a revenue of $565 million. This represents a decrease of 13.00% compared to the previous quarter and a 17.94% decrease compared to the same quarter last year. These figures are worrisome as they indicate a declining trend in revenue, which could signify issues with demand or operational inefficiencies.

Net Income: The net income for the last quarter was $102 million. This marks a 35.13% decrease compared to the previous quarter and a staggering 55.77% decrease compared to the same quarter last year. Such a significant drop in net income points towards potential challenges in cost management or pricing power.

EBITDA: Consol Energy's EBITDA for the last quarter was $181 million, reflecting a decrease of 25.32% from the previous quarter and a 47.00% decrease from the same period last year. EBITDA is a critical measure of a company’s operating performance, and these shrinking figures are cause for concern.

P/E Ratio: The current price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is 6.08. A low P/E ratio can be a double-edged sword; while it often suggests undervaluation and potential for a bullish outlook, it could also indicate that the market expects tougher times ahead.

Insider Activity: In the last couple of months, there has been some insider selling of Consol Energy stock, which is often viewed as a bearish signal. Insider transactions can provide insights into the confidence that management has in the company’s future performance.

Technical Analysis

Stock Price Trend: Today’s stock price stands at $101.48, reflecting a 3.31% increase compared to a month ago and a robust 49.61% increase compared to a year ago. This suggests a strong performance in the long term, despite potential short-term volatility.

Moving Averages: The current Simple Moving Average over 10 days (SMA10) is $102.45, slightly down from the previous SMA10 of $102.51, indicating a potential downward trend in price movement.

Relative Strength Index (RSI): The RSI is currently at 60.6, which is within the neutral range. An RSI between 30 and 70 typically indicates neither overbought nor oversold conditions, suggesting a balanced market sentiment.

Alternative Data Analysis

Job Postings and Employee Sentiment: Consol Energy has 9 open positions on popular job boards, a decrease of 18% over the last couple of months. This may be indicative of cost-cutting measures or a focus on improving margins, but it’s not a favorable sign for growth.

Customer Acquisition: The estimated number of visitors to Consol Energy’s webpage has decreased by 23% over the last couple of months, down to about 10,000 visitors. A decline in web traffic can signal potential loss of customer interest or market presence.

Customer Engagement: According to AltIndex’s AI score, which incorporates fundamental, technical, and alternative data, Consol Energy has an AI score of 34. This score suggests a sell signal, indicating a bearish outlook based on the integration of various data points.


In summary, Consol Energy is facing challenging times as evidenced by declining revenues, net income, and EBITDA. Despite a low P/E ratio, which might tempt value investors, the significant insider selling activities and decreasing customer engagement are red flags. The technical analysis shows short-term bearish trends despite long-term gains, while alternative data further supports a cautious approach with cost-cutting and reduced customer interest.

Given these comprehensive insights, the recommendation would be to sell or at least carefully monitor Consol Energy stock. Investors should stay vigilant and consider potential market conditions and internal operational adjustments before making any investment decision.

Disclaimer: This article, generated by an experimental AI tool, is for informational purposes only and not financial advice. Information is based on publicly available data and may not always be accurate or current. Visit CEIX AI Stock Analysis for a more up-to-date analysis.

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