Outshining the Market: AltIndex’s AI Stock Picks Deliver a Robust 23.2%, Surpassing S&P 500 Performance

September 24, 10:21 am

In the first quarter of 2023, AltIndex’s AI Stock Picks algorithm generated 65 buy and sell signals. A remarkable 83% of these selections yielded gains, leading to a prosperous overall return of 23.2%, which notably has outperformed the S&P 500 which recorded a 12.5% return in the same timeframe.

Algorithmic Precision and Adaptability

AltIndex operates at the cutting edge of financial technology, employing advanced algorithms that diligently analyze a multitude of alternative data signals from thousands of publicly traded companies every day. The primary objective is to accurately forecast future price movements and overall company performance. Stocks that receive higher scores are assigned buy signals, while those with lower scores are designated with sell signals. Significant shifts in scores prompt timely re-evaluation and, if necessary, adjustment in signals, exemplifying the system's adaptability in a fluctuating market.

Spotlight on Success Stories

The spotlight shines brightly on several success stories, notably the sell signal on Bed, Bath & Beyond made on February 1st. This pick proved prescient as the company declared bankruptcy by the end of April, and its stock value plummeted over 90% before delisting. Other noteworthy picks include a buy signal on Novo Nordisk (the pharmaceutical giant behind Ozempic), which saw a 33% rise; a sell signal on Wish, experiencing a 71% fall; a buy signal on DraftKings with a 68% increase, followed by a signal exit on April 1st; a buy signal on Duolingo, resulting in an 85% surge; and a buy signal on Remitly, which has since ascended by 89%. These instances underscore the diverse and effective nature of AltIndex’s stock picks.

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Insight into Duolingo’s Pick

Delving deeper into the rationale behind individual picks, Duolingo stands out. The buy signal was driven by a multifaceted analysis that considered a spike in social media followers, steady growth in mobile app downloads, strong financials, and high sentiment across popular stock forums.
The algorithm continues to endorse Duolingo as a buy.

Continuous Learning and Enhancement

In the unpredictable world of stock trading, not all selections are destined for success, as the algorithm added sell signals to Urban Outfitters and Silk Road Medical in Q1. It's worth noting that no stock picking system will be 100% but AltIndex consistently seeks ways to refine and enhance the algorithm. The forthcoming introduction of a stop-loss mechanism to the algorithm will add much-needed risk mitigation.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, AltIndex remains dedicated to generating daily stock picks based on alternative data signals, continuing the trend of success marked by 83% favorable outcomes and a 23.2% overall positive return in Q1. Users keen on exploring these innovative stock selections can access the daily picks on AltIndex Stock Picks.

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