Bankruptcy Befalls WeWork: AltIndex Predicted The Downfall Through Alternative Data Insights

November 2, 11:11 am

WeWork, the once-celebrated co-working giant, is reportedly filing for bankruptcy following a prolonged period of financial turmoil. This grim phase was not entirely unforeseen, especially for us at AltIndex, where our algorithm began detecting troubling signs as early as July. On August 6, a decisive sell signal was issued against WeWork's stock, a move vindicated by the subsequent 90% return for those who shorted the stock based on this alert.

Our AI score, a comprehensive metric ranging from 0 to 100, aggregates a company's performance across a myriad of alternative data signals such as job postings, business outlook, social media followers, sentiment, and app downloads, among others. This score started to exhibit a discernible drop for WeWork in July, sending the first ripples of caution across the AltIndex monitoring systems.

The depreciation in WeWork's AI score, followed by the sell signal, was underpinned by several disconcerting factors. Primarily, the stagnant revenue growth portrayed a lack of financial vigor in the company's operations. Moreover, a long-term decrease in social media followers was observed, reflecting a diminishing consumer interest in the brand. This was paralleled by a decline in ">mobile app downloads, indicating a potential shrink in its existing customer base.

Furthermore, a concerning low business outlook among WeWork's employees emerged as a strong red flag. This internal pessimism, possibly stemming from operational or managerial shortcomings, hinted at a dwindling faith within the ranks, which might have accelerated the company's descent into bankruptcy.

A big drop from it's glory days

The recent plummet of WeWork's shares by nearly 50% to a record low underscored the financial quagmire the firm found itself in, as highlighted in a Reuters article. Once a darling of the private market with a valuation peaking at $47 billion, the New York-based firm's market capitalization has now shrunk to a paltry $121 million. This drastic downfall was exacerbated by a burdensome debt load and continual hefty losses, leading to the recent bankruptcy filing. The article also mentions the skepticism surrounding WeWork's business model since its IPO plans imploded in 2019, chiefly its practice of engaging in long-term leases while offering them for short-term rentals.

The unfolding of WeWork's financial crisis accentuates the importance of analyzing alternative data insights for gauging a company's health and future prospects. This real-time case underscores the effectiveness of AltIndex's system in harnessing alternative data to provide timely and accurate market insights, which is indispensable in today's volatile market landscape.

In retrospect, the foresight afforded by our algoritm could have served as a beacon for investors, potentially averting substantial financial losses. As WeWork grapples with bankruptcy, the scenario unfolds as a testament to the pivotal role that alternative data insights play in modern investment strategies, fortifying investors with a deeper, data-driven understanding of market dynamics.

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