Ameriprise Financial (AMP): Is Now the Time to Buy?

March 2, 9:00 am

As a financial journalist focusing on stock ideas and opportunities, I keep my finger on the pulse of the market, uncovering gems with potential for significant returns. One such gem that has caught my eye recently is Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (ticker: AMP), a renowned financial planning and services company. In this article, we dive into Ameriprise Financial, unpacking what the company does, examining its stock, and determining whether it's a buy or a sell, guided by the latest alternative data insights.

Introducing Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial is a financial leader providing a diversified range of financial services, ranging from wealth management, asset management, insurance, annuities to estate planning, and more. With its comprehensive approach, Ameriprise has carved out a significant niche serving the financial planning needs of clients nationwide.

Understanding the AMP Stock

AMP stock represents the performance of Ameriprise Financial, playing a vital role for investors identifying robust investment prospects in the financial sector. Serving as a key indicator, the AMP stock has historically provided insights into the company's health and its ability to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

Is AMP a Buy or a Sell?

On March 1, we at AltIndex categorized Ameriprise Financial with a buy signal, driven by an impressive AI score. But why does this matter?

Significance of the AI Score

The AI score, a predictive measure ranging from 0 to 100, considers an extensive pool of alternative data. This includes patterns far beyond the usual financial statements and market performance figures. Ameriprise Financial's commendable score of 67 signals potential strength and growth, influenced by underlying factors determined by our sophisticated algorithms.

Alternative Data Insights

A sudden increase in job postings suggests expansion and a positive outlook for Ameriprise Financial, indicative of growth plans that may lead to greater market share and profitability. Coupled with improving financials, this positions the company positively in the competitive landscape.

The notable business optimism reported by employees hints at a strong internal culture and effective management, which are critical components to driving success and, in turn, investor confidence.

Web traffic and Youtube subscribers' growth reflects heightened visibility and brand strength, often translating to increased client acquisition and retention. These metrics are indicative of a company that is engaging effectively with its audience and growing its digital footprint.

Finally, a substantial increase in year-over-year revenue, as revealed in their last earnings report, with an 11.7% rise to $4.2B, directly impacts the perceived value and stability of Ameriprise Financial. More revenue can mean more resources for expansion, innovation, and shareholder value.

Stock Performance and Future Outlook

With the stock up by 6.4% over the last month, trading at a range of $410.590 per share, the momentum appears to be following an uptick. The integration of alternative data suggests that this trend could continue, making AMP a compelling buy for investors seeking to capitalize on its potential growth.


Combining deep financial insights with alternative data predictions, our analysis leads to the conclusion that Ameriprise Financial warrants investor attention. A buy signal for AMP is illuminated by the convergence of heightened financial performance, digital engagement metrics, and job market activity. Investment decisions should always be made as part of a diversified strategy and considering personal financial goals, but for those scrutinizing the AMP stock, the indicators provide ample reason to consider it a strong buy at this juncture. With innovative financial products and a robust business model, Ameriprise Financial remains a company worth watching.

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