Is Viant Technology a Buy? Decoding the DSP Stock Signal

January 13, 9:00 am

Welcome to AltIndex, where we delve into the world of stocks with a nuanced perspective, shining a light on opportunities through the lens of alternative data insights. Today, we turn our attention to Viant Technology, operating under the stock ticker DSP. Known for its programmatic advertising platform, Viant aids marketers in planning, buying, and measuring their advertising efforts across all channels. Its technology leverages first-party data allowing for precision and efficiency in the digital advertising space.

Understanding Viant Technology (DSP)

Viant Technology has carved a niche for itself in the digital advertising industry. With a unique offering that integrates data, software, and services, it empowers advertisers to reach and engage their desired audiences. In an age where data is king, Viant stands as a testament to the power of ad tech innovation. Nevertheless, the stock's performance in the financial markets tells a tale of its own, with investors ever watchful for the opportune moment to act.

AI Score and Viant Technology

On January 12, we at AltIndex gave Viant Technology a buy signal, influenced by a favorable AI score of 65. This score, while abstracted from the viewpoint of retail investors, is the culmination of advanced analytical processes evaluating a battery of alternative data points. As an investor, understanding how these insights could drive Viant's future performance is paramount.

Alternative Data Signals

Key indicators meriting this positive outlook are multifaceted. An uptick in Instagram followers signals growing brand awareness and engagement, perhaps reflecting more robust marketing campaigns or content strategies. Equally telling is the surge in job postings – a harbinger of company expansion and a bullish sign for future business prospects.

Further bolstering confidence, we've tracked a commendable increase in revenues – up 22.3% year over year to $59.6M in the last reported quarter. This suggests solid business performance, even in an uncertain ad tech landscape, demonstrating Viant's capability to monetize its offerings effectively.

The boost in Youtube subscribers aligns with Viant's increasing online presence, marking an era where digital footprints serve as a reliable pulse on a company's vitality and market grip.

Stock Valuation and Potential

Trading at $6.920 per share, with a modest 0.7% increase over the past month, the stock at first glance appears to be a sleeper. However, these AI-scored metrics hint at underlying momentum that may not yet be reflected in the stock price, painting a picture of latent potential.

Investment Decision: Buy or Sell?

Given the positive outlook suggested by alternative data insights, including social media traction, hiring trends, and revenue growth, DSP stock presents itself as a potential buy for investors seeking to capitalize on the ad tech sector's growth. The current trading price, juxtaposed with these promising signs, positions Viant Technology as an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest in a digitally forward company with a strong narrative of expansion and market penetration.

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