Why Job Post Data Matters for Investing

February 22, 3:45 pm

Looking for a way to gain an edge in the world of investing and stock analysis? Well, there's a data source that is often overlooked but can provide valuable insights: job post data. That's right, the same data that companies use to hire employees can also be a key indicator for investors. In this post, we'll dive into the importance of job post data in investing and stock analysis, and help you understand how to best leverage this data to make better investment decisions.

Job post data is a goldmine of information that can help investors gauge a company's growth prospects and financial health. By monitoring job postings over time, investors can gain a better understanding of a company's hiring trends, which can serve as a leading indicator of future revenue growth. For instance, if a company is consistently posting job openings for sales positions, it may signal that the company is expanding its sales force to capitalize on new market opportunities.

Lets use NerdWallet ($NRDS), a personal finance website that provides unbiased financial advice, as an example. NerdWallet had seen a significant increase in open positions. The Company had about 10-20 open positions last year, and increased to 48 open positions, with many openings in its marketing department. That surge in job postings, we believe, was a sign that the business outlook was strong, and NerdWallet was actively expanding its operations to capitalize on new market opportunities. The stock is, as of today, up over 40% since.

Conversely, a decrease in job postings may suggest that companies are facing challenges or experiencing a slowdown in growth. In October, we posted Big Tech Removal of 85,000 Job Posts in 4 months. These hiring figures, we believed, proved that top tech is also not immune to the effects of the market either. The result, a majority of the companies announced hiring freezes and layoffs shortly after, and saw steep stock declines.

Moreover, job post data can offer insights into a company's competitive positioning. By tracking job postings for specific roles or skill sets, investors can get a sense of which companies are attracting the most talented and sought-after candidates. This can provide a glimpse into which companies are likely to emerge as leaders in their respective markets.

In summary, job post data can be a valuable tool for investors who want to stay ahead of the curve in the world of investing and stock analysis. By tracking job postings over time, investors can get a better understanding of a company's growth prospects, competitive positioning, and overall financial health. We built Dillibits to provide investors have access to this and other alternative data points. So why wait? Sign up.

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