A New Dimension to Our Stock Screener

October 3, 8:33 am

A few weeks ago, we unveiled our robust stock screener, crafted to enable you to sift through a wealth of alternative insights across thousands of companies. The screener has already proven its mettle, offering you filters that carve through the financial landscape, providing targeted data to inform your investment decisions.

Introducing Enhanced Portfolio Screening

Today, we are elevating this feature by adding the option to filter the companies in your portfolio. This enhancement is not merely an addition but a powerful tool that opens up a world where you can microscopically analyze and understand the myriad of factors affecting the stocks within your portfolio.

Here’s a glimpse into the capabilities of this new feature:

  • Performance Insights: Easily identify the top-performing stocks in your portfolio, offering a clear perspective on where your investments are thriving.
  • Risk Mitigation: Gain a deep understanding of potential risks, by analyzing various parameters such as growth in app downloads, web traffic, and social media following, enabling you to foresee and navigate through potential hiccups.
  • Hiring Trends Analysis: Discern hiring patterns within the companies, which can often signal critical shifts, such as a slowing pace which could indicate a slowdown or a strategic move to bolster profit margins.
  • Employee Business Outlook: Understand internal perspectives through the rise or decline in employee business outlook, offering a lens into the internal health and morale of the companies.

And that’s just the beginning. With numerous other filters at your fingertips, you are armed with a tool that gives you a robust sense of your investments’ performance and the nuanced dynamics of the companies therein.

Portfolio in Stock Screener

Seamless Access

Accessing this new feature is as straightforward as our intent to make your investment journey smooth and informed. Simply select Portfolio in the stock screener (ensure you are logged in and have stocks in your portfolio) or click on the Screen Portfolio link within your portfolio.

To Make More Informed Investments

In this volatile and multifaceted financial landscape, having a tool that allows you to navigate through the intricacies of your investments is invaluable. We’re not just offering a feature; we’re fortifying your investment strategy, ensuring that every decision you make is backed by data, insights, and a holistic understanding of your portfolio’s performance.

We are excited to witness the elevated successes and insights you will hopefully achieve through utilizing this new feature.

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