Three Compelling Stock Shorting Opportunities Based on Alternative Data

January 15, 8:00 am

Investors are always in search of insights to guide their trading decisions, and in today's data-driven market environment, alternative data is becoming increasingly relevant. By closely examining unconventional data points, such as social media trends and employee sentiment, we can unearth predictive signals about the future performance of public companies. This article highlights three stocks that might be ripe for shorting, given the red flags raised by alternative data and fundamental analysis.

Motorsport Games Inc. (NASDAQ: MSGM)

Amidst a rocky road for Motorsport Games Inc., the entertainment software company specializing in racing games finds its shares down by 3.8%, trading at $2.860 per share. A deeper dive into alternative data indices reveals worrying signs, such as a persistent decline in social media followers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Disturbingly low scores in employee satisfaction and business outlook, combined with a drop in Facebook fan engagement, may foreshadow ongoing challenges that could justify a short position in MSGM shares.

Leslie's Inc. (NASDAQ: LESL)

Leslie's Inc., a prominent retailer of swimming pool supplies and related products, hasn't been making a splash in the market recently, with its stock price sinking by 6.8% to $6.930. The situation seems to be submerged further by decreasing Instagram popularity, internal concerns over financial performance, and a pessimistic perspective from its workforce. The drop in web traffic and the year-over-year revenue decline suggest that LESL's current troubles may not be just a seasonal dip, propelling this stock onto the short list.

ContextLogic Inc. (NASDAQ: WISH)

ContextLogic Inc., operating as Wish, an e-commerce platform known for its bargain shopping experience, has seen its stock plummet by 16.6%, now at $5.070 per share. The unsettling sentiment extends beyond its financials, as it faces a persistent downtrend in Twitter and Instagram followers, alongside diminishing traction on stock forums. When compounded with internal discontent and weakening web traffic, the writing on the wall suggests that WISH might be an opportune target for bearish investors looking to short a stock with multiple signs of distress.

While past performance is not always indicative of future results, the integration of alternative data with traditional analysis offers a broader perspective on the health of a company. Motorsport Games, Leslie's, and ContextLogic display such warning signs that merit attention from investors considering short positions. Always remember, short selling involves significant risk and potential for unlimited losses, so thorough due diligence and risk management are paramount before engaging in such strategies.

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