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Make more informed investments with our diverse stock alerts, covering not only price movements but also a variety of factors like social media followers, app downloads, stock sentiment, job postings, AI score and more.
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FAQ - Stock Alerts

What are Stock Alerts?

Stock Alerts are timely notifications that keep investors informed about significant movements and events related to the stocks in their portfolio or watchlist. These alerts cover a variety of factors including price changes, social media trends, app downloads, and market sentiment, providing a comprehensive view of potential investment opportunities.

How do our Stock Alerts work?

Our Stock Alerts are generated through diligent analysis of alternative data from thousands of publicly traded companies. By examining factors beyond traditional price metrics, such as social media presence, web traffic, and employee ratings, we offer alerts that provide a well-rounded perspective on stock performance, aiding in informed investment decisions.

What types of insights can I expect from the Stock Alerts?

Subscribers to our Stock Alerts can expect a diverse array of insights, including stock sentiment, app downloads, job postings, web traffic, reddit mentions, social media followers, employee ratings and AI score. These insights are curated to empower investors with information that can impact stock performance, helping them stay ahead in the market.

How often are Stock Alerts sent out?

Our system monitors thousands of companies in every day, ensuring that Stock Alerts are generated and sent to your inbox as soon as significant movements or events are detected. The frequency of alerts may vary based on market conditions and the activity of individual stocks.

How can Stock Alerts aid my investment strategy?

Stock Alerts serve as a valuable tool for investors looking to stay informed and make data-driven decisions. By receiving real-time notifications on a wide range of factors impacting stock performance, you can react promptly to market changes, adjust your investment strategy accordingly, and potentially maximize your returns.

How can I sign up for Stock Alerts?

Signing up for our Stock Alerts is a straightforward process. Simply sign up, add companies to your portfolio, and start receiving notifications directly to your inbox!

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