Decoding Block’s Dive: Is the Fintech Giant Spiraling or Is It a Hidden Bargain?

October 10, 7:33 am

In the vibrant world of fintech, Block (formerly Square), has encountered a turbulent journey, particularly with its stock value plummeting by a stark 86% since its top in the summer of 2021. However, amidst the stock’s descent, the company, celebrated for its innovative CashApp and merchant payment solutions, has demonstrated notable financial feats. In its last earnings report on August 3rd, Block revealed a notable $0.39 earnings per share for the quarter, surpassing analysts' consensus estimates of $0.35. Additionally, the firm heralded a revenue of $5.53 billion for the quarter, exceeding analysts' expectations of $5.10 billion, with its quarterly revenue even seeing a rise of 25.7% compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

Even with these promising figures, Block has navigated through a few setbacks and challenges, but a deeper dive reveals a broader, more nuanced story that goes beyond mere surface-level metrics.

Hurdles Along the Way

Block has faced a few roadblocks recently:

  • Leadership Changes: Alyssa Henry, CEO at Block, decided to step down, which can make things a bit shaky for the company.
  • Questionable Report: Hindenburg Research accused Block of not being entirely accurate about the usage numbers of their Cash App.
  • Stock downgrade: UBS analyst Rayna Kumar downgraded Block to neutral from buy on Sept. 6 noting concerns around higher interest rates.

However, it’s essential to look beyond these issues to see the broader picture.

Glimmers of Hope: What Alternative Data Shows

Alternative data can provide some illuminating insights into a company’s trajectory and potential. Let’s delve into what some of this data is indicating for Block:

  • Google Trends: The constant Google search interest in Block’s Cash App implies that the public's curiosity and engagement with the service remain strong. This sustained interest could mean a stable customer base and potential growth as more people explore digital payment options.
  • Job Postings: A reduction in job postings from 300 to 25 within a year might signal a halt in aggressive expansion. However, this cutback might also indicate a strategy to streamline operations and focus on profitability, which can be seen as a responsible move towards sustainable growth.
  • Patent Filings: An impressive 172% year-over-year increase in patent filings demonstrates that Block is committed to innovation and developing new technologies, suggesting a forward-thinking strategy.
  • Social Media Presence: Growth in followers on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok showcases Block’s ability to connect with an audience and build a community. This expanding audience could pave the way for enhanced customer loyalty and draw in new clients.
  • App Downloads: A daily download rate of Block’s apps around 6000, gradually rising by 2% over the past three months, might appear modest compared to rivals like PayPal but indicates a steady acquisition of new users.
  • Web Traffic: A substantial 24% increase in year-over-year visits to Block’s webpage, especially compared to competitors, indicates an active and growing interest in their offerings.

Balancing Act: What’s Next for Block?

Marrying the challenges with the encouraging signs from the alternative data, Block presents a nuanced investment scenario.

While leadership changes and critical reports pose valid concerns, the underlying business growth, consistent user interest, innovation efforts, and enhanced digital presence tell a tale of a company that is far from losing its spark.

A Considered Recommendation

Investment decisions, especially in a company that's seen both sunshine and rain, like Block, need a balanced perspective. The lower stock price offers a potentially attractive entry point, especially considering the solid business growth and persistent user engagement seen through alternative data points.

Block showcases resilience and a capability to innovate and sustain user interest amidst challenges. While current investors might be weathering a storm, for new investors, this could be an opportune moment to board the ship, with an eye on the horizon for smoother sailing as the company navigates through its present challenges.

A Gentle Reminder: Numbers presented in this articles are estimates. Investing comes with its share of risks, and it’s always prudent to consult with a professional financial advisor to navigate through these waters safely.

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