After earnings, is Novo Nordisk a buy?

January 31, 8:12 am

In the world of investments, identifying a stock with robust growth potential ahead of the curve is the holy grail for retail investors. At, we pride ourselves on providing our members with insightful analysis and forward-looking investment advice. Our buy signal for Novo Nordisk (NVO) on January 1st last year, when the stock was trading at $66 per share, was based on a comprehensive evaluation of the company's financial health, employee sentiment, and increasing public interest. Fast forward to today, and Novo Nordisk has not only met but exceeded our expectations, with its stock price nearly doubling, buoyed by impressive earnings and the continued success of its flagship products, Wegovy and Ozempic.

Impressive 2023 Earnings Report

Novo Nordisk's recent earnings report was a testament to its formidable presence in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the diabetes and obesity care sectors. The company reported a 31% increase in sales, reaching 232.3 billion Danish kroner ($33.71 billion), and a 37% jump in full-year operating profit in kroner terms. This performance underscores the growing global demand for its products, which has propelled the company's market capitalization beyond the $500 billion mark.

A Future Brimming with Potential

Despite the stellar rise in its stock price, we at AltIndex view Novo Nordisk as a promising long-term investment. The company's projections for sales growth of 18% to 26% in constant exchange rates (CER) terms for the coming year reflect the ongoing surge in demand for its diabetes and obesity treatments. This demand has led to increased pressure on Novo Nordisk's supply chain, prompting the company to invest over DKK 75 billion in expanding its production capabilities.

The AltIndex Perspective

Our bullish stance on Novo Nordisk is not without caution. The current stock price, while reflective of the company's outstanding performance and growth prospects, does appear steep. However, for long-term investors, Novo Nordisk represents a compelling opportunity, especially considering the significant unmet needs in diabetes and obesity care worldwide.

The company's commitment to expanding production and addressing supply constraints - evidenced by its move to increase the supply of lower dosage Wegovy in the U.S. - signals a strategic approach to meeting global health challenges. This, coupled with the anticipated strong sales growth across North America and International Operations, positions Novo Nordisk as a key player in addressing the diabetes and obesity pandemics.


In summary, Novo Nordisk stands out as a beacon of innovation and resilience in the pharmaceutical industry. Its robust 2023 earnings performance, ambitious growth forecasts, and strategic investments in production capacity highlight the company's potential for sustained growth. For retail investors looking beyond the current market volatility, Novo Nordisk offers a valuable addition to a diversified investment portfolio, promising long-term returns on the back of its groundbreaking work in diabetes and obesity care. At, we continue to recommend Novo Nordisk as a stock to watch, embodying the convergence of healthcare innovation and investment opportunity.

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