25 31.6%
Est. daily mentions on Twitter.

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Month over Month

Est. daily mentions on Twitter.

Jun 2024 38
May 2024 43
Apr 2024 52
Mar 2024 48
Feb 2024 56

How often is The Hershey Company mentioned on Twitter?

The Hershey Company was mentioned an estimated 25 times in various tweets yesterday. In the last 30 days, The Hershey Company has been mentioned around 34 times per day.

Analyzing Twitter Mentions, how is The Hershey Company performing compared to its industry peers?

The Hershey Company underperforms its industry peers when it comes to Twitter Mentions, ranking in the 11th percentile.

Why is it important to track Twitter mentions for The Hershey Company?

By monitoring Twitter mentions for The Hershey Company, investors gain real-time insights into public sentiment towards the company, its products, and its industry. Positive mentions may indicate growing interest, customer satisfaction, or emerging trends, while negative mentions can alert investors to potential issues, controversies, or market challenges. By tracking these mentions over time, investors can identify patterns, spot emerging trends, and make informed decisions based on the evolving sentiment and public perception of The Hershey Company, ultimately improving their investment strategies.

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