Some of our best 2023 stock picks highlighted in articles

January 7, 10:34 am

Navigating the stock market can be challenging. At AltIndex, we aim to make it easier by sharing daily stock picks and in-depth articles. Last year, we covered a range of companies, providing insights that often led to positive returns. Let's revisit some of these articles, focusing on how alternative data insights helped our readers.

Microsoft: A Tech Giant on the Rise (January 25, 2023)

We started the year with our article "What's next for $MSFT?" where we dissected key factors contributing to Microsoft’s burgeoning success. We highlighted the surge in Microsoft 365 subscribers and the innovative integration of ChatGPT into its suite of services. Coupled with a high employee satisfaction score and a robust social media presence, our analysis pointed towards a promising outlook for Microsoft.

The stock is up by 54% since our article.

SoFi's Unabated Growth Trajectory (January 30, 2023)

"SoFi Indicates Continued Growth with Positive Earnings and Favorable Alternative Data Trends" focused on the financial technology company's impressive financials and growing public interest. With web traffic and app downloads skyrocketing, SoFi was clearly making waves in the fintech sector.

Our readers who heeded the bullish signal saw the stock climb by over 40%.

Extra Space Storage: Expanding Horizons (August 24, 2023)

In "The Case for Investing in Extra Space Storage (EXR)", we explored how alternative data, like increasing Instagram followers and a surge in job postings, indicated EXR's expansion plans and digital engagement strategies.

The article's insights correlated with a 24% rise in EXR's stock, highlighting the power of well-researched investment advice.

Beyond Meat: A Cautionary Tale (March 24, 2023)

We also provided some sell or short signals in our articles. In the article "Beyond Meat: Why Investing in the 'Hype' May Leave You Burned" we shared some concerns about Beyond Meat. We observed declining interest in plant-based burgers and internal company challenges, alongside a worrying decrease in web traffic.

This sell signal was spot-on as the stock plummeted almost 50%.

Buzzfeed: Losing Its Edge (March 21, 2023)

"Is Buzzfeed Losing Its Buzz? Challenges Loom as Stock Drops and Audience Shrinks" was another critical analysis, identifying numerous red flags such as low app download rates, employee dissatisfaction, and a shrinking social media audience.

This sell signal proved prescient, with Buzzfeed's stock nosediving by 75%.


2023 illustrated the powerful role of alternative data insights in stock picking. Our analyses, ranging from social media trends to internal company dynamics, provided unique perspectives on potential market movements. These insights proved valuable in identifying both growth opportunities and potential risks. At AltIndex, we believe in the strength of this approach and are committed to uncovering these valuable data-driven insights.

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