$121.54 0%
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Data gathered: November 30

Data Bits

Data Bits Value / Change Benchmark
Job Posts 9,950 0%
App downloads N/A N/A
Sentiment 90 8.4%
Webpage traffic 12,410,000 12.6%
Customer reviews 18 0%
Employee Rating 61 0%
Google Adspend $44,614 14.7%
Google Trends 100 138.1%
Linkedin Employees 39,821 N/A
NPS -6 -20%
Patents 0%
4chan Mentions 2 0%
Facebook Engagement 4,626 -4.4%
Facebook followers 2,729,253 0%
Pinterest followers 138,256 0%
Stocktwits Mentions 54 1700%
Stocktwits Subscribers 9,314 0.3%
Tiktok Followers 84,900 N/A
Twitter Followers 183,621 0%
Instagram Followers 690,622 0.1%
News Mentions 5 0%
Reddit Mentions 6 500%
ESG 65 -1.5%
Business outlook 40 0%

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In the news

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Inc operates discount retail stores in the United States and Canada. It operates the stores under the names of Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree Canada.

Dollar Tree
Price $121.54
Target Price Sign up
Market Cap $25.8B
Dividend Yield 0.0421
Industry Retail

Financial performance View All

Revenue Cost of Revenue Gross Profit Net Income ebitda
Q3 '237.33B5.19B2.13B200M491M
Q2 '237.32B5.09B2.23B299M616M
Q1 '237.72B5.34B2.39B452M618M
Q4 '226.94B4.87B2.07B267M570M
Q3 '226.77B4.64B2.12B360M699M

Insider Transactions

Aflatooni Robert filed to sell 7,157 shares at $107.
October 11 '23
HEINRICH DANIEL J filed to buy 1,650 shares at $105.2.
September 25 '23
Hulett Jennifer filed to sell 6,825 shares at $143.6.
June 27 '23
Davis Jeffrey A. filed to buy 15,006 shares at $139.1.
March 28 '23
DREILING RICHARD W filed to buy 7,118 shares at $142.
March 10 '23
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