583M 33.2%
Total Revenue QoQ (USD) - Q2 '24

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Income Statement (USD)

Q2 '24 QoQ
Revenue 583M 33.2%
Gross Profit 248M 38.7%
Cost of Revenue 612M 18%
Operating expense 268M 3%
Net Income 13M 88.7%
EBITDA -2.4M 101.5%

Balance Sheet (USD)

Q2 '24 QoQ
Total Assets 2.75B 6.1%
Total Liabilities 2.14B 15.4%
Total Equity 565M 17.4%
Shares Outstanding 54M 0.9%

Cash Flow (USD)

Q2 '24 QoQ
Cash from operations -23M 107.9%
Cash from investing -78M 320.7%
Cash from financing -16M 90.1%



Financial Highlights for GUESS in Q2 '24

GUESS reported a revenue of 583M, which is a -33.2% change from the previous quarter. An increase in revenue typically indicates growing demand for the company's products or services. A decline in revenue can be concerning, as it might indicate reduced sales or challenges in the market. It's important to investigate further to understand the underlying causes.

Gross Profit stood at 248M, marking a -38.7% change since the last quarter. Gross profit showcases the efficiency in production and sales processes.

Cost of Revenue was 612M, a -18% difference from the previous quarter. A rising cost of revenue may suggest increased production or sales costs, which can impact margins. However, if accompanied by a proportionate rise in revenue, it could indicate scaling operations.

Operating Expenses for this period were 268M, showing a 3% change from the last quarter. Operating expenses cover the costs of running daily business operations. A significant increase might indicate inefficiencies or investments in growth, while a decrease could suggest cost-saving measures or potential underinvestment in key areas.

Net Income for the quarter was 13M, showing a -88.7% change from the prior quarter. Net income provides a clear picture of the company's profitability after all expenses. An increase suggests the company is becoming more profitable, while a decrease may raise concerns about the company's financial health, unless there are specific one-time costs or investments.

The company's EBITDA for the quarter was -2.4M, showing a -101.5% change from the previous period. EBITDA gives insight into the company's operational profitability, excluding non-operating expenses like interest and taxes. A rising EBITDA indicates strong operational performance, while a declining EBITDA may signal operational challenges or increased costs.

GUESS faced some challenges this quarter with a decline in one or more of the key metrics: revenue, gross profit, or net income. An increase in the cost of revenue, higher than the revenue growth, suggests potential margin pressures. Higher operating expenses might indicate increased investments or potential inefficiencies. A decline in EBITDA signals potential operational challenges or increased costs.

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