Value of Insider Transactions in the last 2 years

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Insider Transactions

Name Transaction Date Sold / Bought Shares Price Value
BARRATT CRAIG HJun 12, 2024Sell1,400$421.06$590,000
DeSantis RobertJun 10, 2024Sell120$416.6$50,000
DeSantis RobertJun 10, 2024Sell119$416.6$50,000
BARRATT CRAIG HJun 5, 2024Sell1,400$411$580,000
BARRATT CRAIG HJun 3, 2024Sell1,400$402.89$560,000
BARRATT CRAIG HJun 3, 2024Sell1,096$402.89$440,000
DeSantis RobertMay 29, 2024Sell188$396.59$75,000
DeSantis RobertMay 28, 2024Sell198$404.41$80,000
Brosius MarkMay 17, 2024Sell63$396.19$25,000
Miller Brian EdwardMay 16, 2024Sell2,553$400$1M
Brosius MarkMay 16, 2024Sell175$398.28$70,000
Brosius MarkMay 15, 2024Sell175$387.22$68,000
DeSantis RobertMay 13, 2024Sell194$389.16$75,000
DeSantis RobertMay 13, 2024Sell90$389.16$35,000
DeSantis RobertMay 10, 2024Sell120$385.55$46,000
DeSantis RobertMay 10, 2024Sell119$385.55$46,000
RUBASH MARK JMay 3, 2024Sell1,709$380$650,000
DeSantis RobertApr 29, 2024Sell188$375.39$71,000
DeSantis RobertApr 26, 2024Sell396$368.1$150,000
DeSantis RobertApr 26, 2024Sell120$368.1$44,000
DeSantis RobertApr 26, 2024Sell90$368.1$33,000
LEVY ALAN JApr 23, 2024Sell2,000$370.6988$740,000
Curet MyriamApr 23, 2024Sell2,818$370.6582$1M
Curet MyriamApr 23, 2024Sell2,500$370.6582$930,000
Widman FredrikMar 15, 2024Sell3,817$397.07$1.5M
Widman FredrikMar 15, 2024Sell612$397.07$240,000
DeSantis RobertMar 11, 2024Sell120$390.16$47,000
DeSantis RobertMar 11, 2024Sell119$390.16$46,000
Brosius MarkMar 11, 2024Sell196$390.16$76,000
DeSantis RobertMar 11, 2024Sell90$390.16$35,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell7,149$393.775$2.8M
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell2,819$393.7942$1.1M
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell2,749$393.8309$1.1M
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell1,504$393.808$590,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell1,437$393.802$570,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell1,436$393.8164$570,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell993$393.8026$390,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell940$393.8164$370,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell453$393.7969$180,000
DeSantis RobertMar 8, 2024Sell363$393.7969$140,000
Brosius MarkMar 7, 2024Sell196$393.3$77,000
Curet MyriamMar 1, 2024Sell1,605$383.48$620,000
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 28, 2024Sell14,620$385.0919$5.6M
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 28, 2024Sell13,750$385.0794$5.3M
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 28, 2024Sell13,530$385.0805$5.2M
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 28, 2024Sell12,750$385.0805$4.9M
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 28, 2024Sell10,500$385.0805$4M
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 28, 2024Sell6,860$385.0815$2.6M
Curet MyriamFeb 27, 2024Sell843$386.46$330,000
Brosius MarkFeb 16, 2024Sell32$378.29$12,000
Brosius MarkFeb 15, 2024Sell30$382.03$11,000
Rosa David J.Feb 7, 2024Sell23,120$389.2818$9M
Rosa David J.Feb 7, 2024Sell16,150$389.2276$6.3M
Rosa David J.Feb 7, 2024Sell15,700$389.2856$6.1M
Rosa David J.Feb 7, 2024Sell12,900$389.2867$5M
Rosa David J.Feb 7, 2024Sell12,840$389.3041$5M
Brosius MarkFeb 1, 2024Sell39$378.41$15,000
GUTHART GARY SJan 29, 2024Sell24,325$376.0604$9.1M
GUTHART GARY SJan 29, 2024Sell2,480$374.41$930,000
Curet MyriamJan 26, 2024Sell2,818$370.1478$1M
Curet MyriamJan 26, 2024Sell1,500$370.1478$560,000
LEVY ALAN JJan 26, 2024Sell1,928$370.2024$710,000
Johnson Amal MJan 26, 2024Sell6,696$370.0765$2.5M
LEVY ALAN JJan 26, 2024Sell72$370.2024$27,000
Johnson Amal MNov 16, 2023Sell9,567$300$2.9M
Curet MyriamNov 16, 2023Sell4,500$300$1.4M
Curet MyriamNov 16, 2023Sell2,819$300$850,000
Curet MyriamNov 16, 2023Sell1,500$300$450,000
LEVY ALAN JNov 14, 2023Sell2,000$290$580,000
DeSantis RobertNov 14, 2023Sell597$290$170,000
DeSantis RobertNov 14, 2023Sell270$290$78,000
GUTHART GARY SOct 26, 2023Sell27,385$260.107$7.1M
GUTHART GARY SOct 24, 2023Sell2,480$271.93$670,000
DeSantis RobertOct 24, 2023Sell564$275$160,000
DeSantis RobertOct 24, 2023Sell273$271.93$74,000
Ladd Amy LSep 14, 2023Sell500$305.68$150,000
LEVY ALAN JAug 7, 2023Sell1,535$310$480,000
LEVY ALAN JAug 7, 2023Sell465$310$140,000
GUTHART GARY SJul 31, 2023Sell2,480$325.89$810,000
GUTHART GARY SJul 28, 2023Sell50,314$326.7626$16M
DeSantis RobertJul 25, 2023Sell594$322.76$190,000
DeSantis RobertJul 25, 2023Sell564$322.76$180,000
DeSantis RobertJul 25, 2023Sell273$322.76$88,000
DeSantis RobertJul 25, 2023Sell270$322.76$87,000
MOHR MARSHALLJun 14, 2023Sell11,250$325$3.7M
BARRATT CRAIG HJun 14, 2023Sell1,567$322.78$510,000
DeSantis RobertJun 14, 2023Sell2,443$325$790,000
BARRATT CRAIG HMay 1, 2023Sell2,000$306$610,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell1,671$300$500,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell1,448$300$430,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell1,391$300$420,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell895$300$270,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell707$300$210,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell688$300$210,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 28, 2023Sell523$300$160,000
Rosa David J.Apr 24, 2023Sell40,764$299.1965$12M
Rosa David J.Apr 21, 2023Sell40,800$297.9209$12M
DeSantis RobertApr 21, 2023Sell2,444$297.9271$730,000
DeSantis RobertApr 21, 2023Sell2,184$297.9181$650,000
DeSantis RobertApr 21, 2023Sell1,196$297.9116$360,000
DeSantis RobertApr 21, 2023Sell1,167$297.8963$350,000
DeSantis RobertApr 21, 2023Sell1,086$297.9181$320,000
BARRATT CRAIG HApr 21, 2023Sell2,000$297.9183$600,000
Curet MyriamApr 21, 2023Sell6,000$300.0011$1.8M
Curet MyriamApr 21, 2023Sell2,000$300.0011$600,000
Curet MyriamApr 21, 2023Sell1,118$297.9165$330,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell463$297.8943$140,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell349$297.9402$100,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell173$297.8943$52,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell927$297.9443$280,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell598$297.9443$180,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell472$297.9443$140,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell460$297.9443$140,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell299$297.8943$89,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell235$297.8943$70,000
RUBASH MARK JApr 21, 2023Sell230$297.8943$69,000
Widman FredrikApr 21, 2023Sell630$297.87$190,000
DeSantis RobertApr 21, 2023Sell273$297.9988$81,000
Curet MyriamApr 21, 2023Sell505$300$150,000
Curet MyriamMar 1, 2023Sell1,253$228.47$290,000
Curet MyriamFeb 16, 2023Sell1,124$240.77$270,000
DeSantis RobertFeb 16, 2023Sell1,971$240.77$470,000
Widman FredrikFeb 16, 2023Sell116$240.77$28,000
MOHR MARSHALLFeb 13, 2023Sell33,249$245.6127$8.2M
Widman FredrikFeb 13, 2023Sell1,307$246.09$320,000
Rosa David J.Feb 6, 2023Sell45,025$250.528$11M
DeSantis RobertJan 27, 2023Sell816$250$200,000
DeSantis RobertJan 27, 2023Sell813$250$200,000
Johnson Amal MNov 8, 2022Sell6,375$239.3575$1.5M
Curet MyriamNov 1, 2022Sell6,000$250.0636$1.5M
Curet MyriamNov 1, 2022Sell2,000$250.0636$500,000
GUTHART GARY SOct 21, 2022Sell44,203$210.8366$9.3M
Curet MyriamOct 21, 2022Sell6,000$209.7803$1.3M
Curet MyriamOct 21, 2022Sell2,000$209.7803$420,000
Johnson Amal MSep 8, 2022Sell6,375$210.7583$1.3M
Ladd Amy LAug 15, 2022Sell600$237.03$140,000
Johnson Amal MAug 3, 2022Sell6,375$238.0372$1.5M
Curet MyriamJul 27, 2022Sell9,000$225$2M
GUTHART GARY SJul 26, 2022Sell79,412$216.303$17M

What's the latest insider transaction for Intuitive Surgical?

The most recent insider transaction for Intuitive Surgical was conducted by BARRATT CRAIG H, who sold 1,400 shares on June 12, 2024 at a price of $421.06 per share.

Which insider has sold the most ISRG stock over the last two years?

Rosa David J. has sold the most ISRG stock in the last 2 years, with a total value of $67M.

What is the total value of insider transactions for Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) in the last 2 years?

The total value of insider transactions for Intuitive Surgical in the last 2 years is negative, amounting to -$223M. This suggests that insiders have predominantly sold shares, which could reflect various personal or financial considerations rather than a straightforward outlook on the company's future performance.

How do insider transactions over the last 2 years reflect on Intuitive Surgical's market confidence?

Over the last 2 years, insider transactions for Intuitive Surgical have largely consisted of selling shares, which could suggest various personal or financial motivations among insiders. The higher number of sales might require investors to investigate further, considering insiders might have insights or reasons not immediately apparent to the public.

Why is monitoring insider trading activity important for investors?

Monitoring insider trading activity is important because it provides insights into the confidence levels of a company's insiders, such as executives and directors, regarding the company's future prospects. Insider buying can signal optimism, suggesting the stock may be undervalued, while insider selling might raise questions about the stock's upcoming performance. However, it's essential to consider that sales can also occur for personal financial reasons. Insider trading activity is a valuable indicator that, when combined with other data, can help inform investment decisions.

The analytics provided are estimates and not a substitute for professional advice. All investments involve risks, including possible capital loss.
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