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Brand Score 60
Employment Score 39
User Growth Score 25
Fundamental Score 46

What is the target price for Pearson?

On May 16, an AI target price of Premium - Sign up was allocated to Pearson (PSO). This projected target price was predicated on several factors, including a longterm decrease in job posts, a longterm decrease in mobile app downloads, concerns regarding the company's financial fundamentals, a longterm decrease in web traffic, and a month over month drop in Facebook fans.

Is PSO a Buy, Sell or Hold?

Based on Alternative Data, Pearson is a sell.

Should I buy PSO stock?

Based on our Alternative data analysis, it's advisable to consider selling Pearson (PSO) stock. The observed negative trends all contribute to a sell signal. However, this information should not be considered financial advice. Like any investment choice, it's important to conduct comprehensive research, not only utilizing alternative data, but also considering the company's financials, industry trends, and recent news developments.

What Is the PSO Stock Forecast for 2024?

With an AI score of 39, the PSO stock forecast indicates a potential decline.

What is the PSO price prediction for 2025?

To predict the price for PSO in 2025, we can extrapolate the AI price target. This approach projects PSO's price to reach $11.43.

What is the PSO price prediction for 2030?

To predict the price for PSO in 2030, we can again extrapolate the AI price target. This approach projects PSO's price to reach $5.63.

How do we predict the price for PSO?

When predicting the price for PSO, our approach incorporates multiple scores assessing different aspects of the company. The Brand score measures growth and engagement across social media channels, indicating audience reach. The Employee score evaluates workforce health, considering job postings, business outlook, and employee ratings. The Customer score examines engagement on websites, app downloads, and sentiment in stock forums. Lastly, the Fundamental score analyzes financial statements and analyst ratings. By evaluating this data, we gain a holistic view of the company's performance, enabling more informed price predictions.

Will PSO go up tomorrow?

Based on technical analysis of how the price has moved over the last 6 months, the likelihood of the price going up tomorrow is 36%.
Note that this is a simplistic analysis and should be used with caution, as prices are influenced by a myriad of factors.

The analytics provided are estimates and not a substitute for professional advice. All investments involve risks, including possible capital loss.
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